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Discover why you need to read NCERT for UPSC

Blonde Woman And White Man Excited. The Title on the yellow background says, Discover why you need to read NCERT books for UPSC preparation
NCERTs are the basic step of preparation of any govt. Exam. Some people said that you don’t need to read NCERTs it is time consumable, those people are not wrong may be they are very focused about their career so that they know a long ago that what they want in life? But here, if you are a beginner, so I would like to suggest you that must read NCERTs. NCERTs are the basic step or root of a huge tree. Like if the roots of a plant are weak it will not grow high, so as usual if your basic is weak you will not dive in ocean of Knowledge.

Sociology for UPSC – To the Point

Hello Friends. Here I’m sharing my learnings about the Optional Subject in UPSC – Sociology. Firstly, I share details about me before we proceed with the strategy. Educational Background: Electronics and Communication Engineer from GGSIPU, Delhi Work Experience: 2 years…

One Year Strategy For UPSC Examination

In this article, we give you a model one year study plan for IAS test. In opposition to what many think, it is conceivable to split the UPSC IAS test with one year of arrangement. In this way, if your inquiry is "Would I be able to clear IAS in 1 year?" and in the event that you also are interested to know "How to get ready for IAS in a single year?” read on. This article gives a strong system for IAS planning in one year.